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Whole Chicken

The classic, easy roast what ever the day of the week. Bred in high welfare farms in Yorkshire our Chickens are extremely popular in our stores because they taste like a Chicken should!

Min weight 1.6kg. Average weight 1.8kg.





The Chickens come from high welfare farms raised in Yorkshire. Full of flavour and with non of the shrinkage during cooking, all our Chicken products are incredibly popular with our customers. Being such a versatile meat, we offer a wide range with plenty of marinades to choose from as well.

There is something nostalgic about a Chicken roast dinner. Our Chickens taste like Chickens should and make a great roast what ever the day of the week. The classic roast is of course a favourite but also great stripped off the bone with a fresh salad.

How to cook a Whole Chicken

Cook from room temperature. Rub the Chicken with any seasoning you wish and untruss the bird. Cook in centre of pre-heated oven at 200°C, Gas Mark 6 for 25 minutes in a tin to crisp the skin up. Some people like to turn the bird upside down at this point to ensure the juices of the bird get into the breast meat. Turn down the oven to 170°C, Gas Mark 3.5 and cook for a further 45-55 minutes or until juices run clear. Allow to rest before serving.


Comes without giblets. 

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