Vintage Red Fox

An intense and complex flavoured, aged Red Leicester. Vintage Red Fox has a blend of sweet and savoury distinctive flavours.

All pieces are hand cut and weight approx.



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  • Type of Milk: Cow’s.
  • Pasteurisation: Yes.
  • Vegetarian: Yes.
  • Country & Region: Shropshire, Britain.
  • Flavour: Smooth & mellow with a sweet, caramel finish
  • Allergens: MILK.

Matured for over 18 months, Red Fox is an aged Red Leicester type cheese. This cheese has a subtle crunch whilst the flavour is a complex mix of savoury and sweet. Try with our Dough Cake but also pairs well with real ale, pinot grigio or shiraz.

Belton Farm is an independent, family-run business, situated in Shropshire. Cheese has been made by the Beckett family since 1922, at Belton Farm.

Each piece is wrapped and then put in a bag. Keep refrigerated but best served at room temperature.

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1kg, 500g, 200g

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