Grasmere Lincolnshire Haslet

Indulge in the authentic flavours of Lincolnshire with Grasmere Farm Lincolnshire Haslet, a traditional delicacy handmade in our farmhouse kitchen. Originating from Lincolnshire and using the renowned Lincolnshire Sausage recipe, our Haslets are crafted into oval ‘meat loaves’ and covered in a veil of fat, as per tradition. Cooked to perfection, our Haslets boast a rich flavour and tender texture, making them a versatile addition to any meal or a wonderful sandwich filling.

Price shown is per Haslet, approx weight 370g.


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Key Features of Grasmere Farm Lincolnshire Haslet:

Handmade in Our Farmhouse Kitchen: Crafted by our talented bakers and chefs in our specially converted Lincolnshire farmhouse kitchen.

Traditional Recipe: Made using the authentic Lincolnshire Sausage recipe for an unmistakable taste of Lincolnshire.

Versatile Usage: Enjoy sliced and cold in sandwiches or salads, or shallow fry slices for a delicious alternative to sausages in a fry-up.

Favourite Pairings: Serve with Strong English Mustard or Grasmere Farm Red Onion Marmalade for enhanced flavour.

Cooking Instructions:

Cold Serving: Slice and enjoy cold in sandwiches or salads.

Shallow Frying: Heat oil in a pan, shallow fry slices until browned on both sides. Serve hot.


Experience the taste of Lincolnshire tradition with Grasmere Farm Lincolnshire Haslet. Handmade in our farmhouse kitchen using the finest ingredients, it’s a true delight for any occasion. Order now and savour the authentic flavours of Lincolnshire!

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