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Grasmere Lincolnshire Haslet

A traditional Lincolnshire meat loaf made to our own recipe and seasoned with sage.

Price shown is per Haslet, approx weight 370g.




Our Farmhouse Kitchen was where it all begin. Peter (or ‘Pewee’ as we know him) used to come to Grasmere Farm after work in the week and do butchery in the kitchen. Obviously, over time our kitchen has grown and grown and has been specially converted to meet the highest of standards. We are very lucky to have some talented bakers and chefs, who make amazing products every day.

Lincolnshire is well known for it’s popular Sausage recipe, which of course all butchers’ have a different take on. Haslet originates from Lincolnshire and uses the Lincolnshire Sausage recipe, to make an oval ‘meat loaf’. Handmade, in our Lincolnshire farmhouse kitchen, our Haslets are covered in a vail fat, as is tradition, then cooked till brown.

Typically sliced and eaten cold in sandwiches or a salad; we also recommend shallow frying slices, as alternative to Sausage in a fry up. Goes well with Strong English Mustard or our Red Onion Marmalade.


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