Miller’s Elements

The popular Miller’s Elements range will go with any cheese or charcuterie board as all are very different flavours. All made with natural ingredients. Fire is smoky with a crumbly and course texture; red hot chilli in the cracker means it fire by name and nature. Earth has a sweetness whilst the texture is crumbly at first then melts in the mouth. Finally, that other well known element, Ale… is made with hopes, roasted wheat and barley and is savoury biscuit for cheese.

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Miller’s biscuits for cheese are a versatile range and their Elements are just as diverse with a flavour for every pallet.

Earth Elements have a sweetness, made with beetroot and spinach which isn’t over powering and a texture that crumbles and then melts in the mouth. It’s strong colour will add a splash of difference to your cheeseboard. Miller’s Fire are fire by name and nature. Oak-smoked flour and red hot chilli in a cracker, with a coarse and crumbly texture.

Everyone knows that Ale is the greatest Element on our planet and Miller’s Ale is a savoury and tweedy-textured, square cracker for cheese. Made from hops, roasted wheat, barley and malt, plus a splash of English Ale- a hearty cracker.

Allergens: Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers. Fire: WHEAT, BARLEY. Earth: OAT, WHEAT, MILK, SOYA. Ale: WHEAT, BARLEY.

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Fire, Earth, Ale

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