Chicken Kiev

English Chicken breast from the south-east, stuffed with a garlic butter from a creamy in Lancashire, and  then covered in crumb.

Price shown per double portion. Min weight 500g.






The Chickens come from high welfare farms raised in south-east. Full of flavour and with non of the shrinkage during cooking, all our Chicken products are incredibly popular with our customers. Being such a versatile meat, we offer a wide range with plenty of marinades to choose from as well.

Made with English Chicken breast from the south east and stuffed with a garlic butter from a creamy in Lancashire then covered in crumb. A family favourite and a great simple mid week dinner which is quick and easy to cook.

How to cook Chicken Kiev

Cook from room temperature. Cook in centre of oven at 180°C, Gas Mark 4 for 25-35 minutes. It is advised you baste the breasts occasionally with it’s own liquid and sauce that are in the pan during cooking. Allow to rest before serving.

Allergens: WHEAT, MILK.