Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops are really versatile and great to cook with. Lamb of course lends itself to all sorts of other herbs, spices and additional flavours!

Price shown is for a kg, and there are between 8-12 Chops per kg.





Based on Nene Park’s Rural Estate to the west of Peterborough, the Baxter Brothers have worked tirelessly to protect, preserve and improve the land, introducing breeds of livestock native to Great Britain, on pastures that are now rich with wildflowers, insects and wildlife.

The partnership places the utmost importance on the welfare of its Lamb, ensuring they live happy, healthy lives, grazing outside all year round through a farming system that is entirely forage based. This means the livestock enjoy their favourite food of grass, herbs and wildflowers, throughout their lives, minimising environmental impact and maximising benefits to nature.

The result is 100% grass fed Lamb, delicious in flavour and tender, succulent cuts, prepared by our expert butchers.

Many dishes can be made with these Lambs Chops and their wonderful depth of flavour. For the best results don’t be afraid to serve slightly pink for a tender and juicy chop.

How to cook Lamb Chops

Cook from room temperature. Place chops in a tray in centre of a preheated oven at 200°C, Gas Mark 6 for 15- 20 minutes. Turn halfway through and cook until to your liking.

Allergens. None. 

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