Prime 21 day dry aged C么te de Boeuf (Rib-eye on bone)

We mature our native breed Beef for a minimum of three weeks on the bone, which gives it a wonderful flavour. Our C么te de Boeuf (basically thick cut Rib-eye Steak on the bone) is french trimmed by our master butchers, so it retains this immense flavour in this monster steak. Like all meat, the bigger it is the easier it is to cook and steaks are no different. Easily serves two, perhaps even three.

Approx 700g.

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Lincoln Red Beef is one of the best flavoured breed’s of beef and is a rare native breed. Our buyer selects the very best Lincoln Red’s, mainly from near Louth in Lincolnshire. We also have a top up of cuts from native breed beef which again is carefully hand selected for us by another buyer who we work closely with. We look for size and for a good covering of fat for flavour. Our prime cuts are matured on the bone for at least three weeks; the result is a meat that will melt in your mouth with a kind of flavour you just don鈥檛 get from wet aged beef. Each cut is prepared by our specialist butchers, ensuring care and quality in every cut.

C么te de Boeuf is essentially a thick cut Rib-eye Steak on the bone. Our master butchers french trim so each steak has only the best bit of the Rib-eye but with the added flavour of cooking on the bone and the natural fat marbling. A great treat, perfect to two and perhaps three, this is a big steak in size and in flavour. Best served rare to medium rare but obviously, your choice!

How to cook C么te de Boeuf

Cook from room temperature. Rub oil and any marinade or seasoning you wish, into the meat (salt it well to dry our the flavour). Sear in a deep pan on a very high heat for three or four minutes each side. After searing the Steak, place in the centre of a pre-heated oven at 230掳C/Gas Mark 8 for 15 minutes for rare or 20 minutes medium rare. If you prefer your meat more done, continue to cook to your liking. A temperature probe would be ideal to ensure you do not over cook the Steak- 55掳C would be rare, 65掳C medium rare. Allow to rest for two minutes before serving.

Allergens. None.聽


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