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Medium Lamb Meat Box

Experience the taste of truly sustainable, grass-fed lamb with our medium lamb meat box. Prepared by our expert butchers and ready for your freezer, each cut reflects our commitment to quality and nature. Support sustainable farming practices while enjoying premium-quality lamb at home.

Box Contents:

      • 2 x 1kg Leg on the bone
      • 2 x 1.2kg Shoulder on the bone
      • 2 x 400g Mince
      • 4 Lamb Cutlets
      • 4 Single Loin chops



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Premium Selection: Our Medium Lamb Meat Box offers a variety of premium cuts, including leg, shoulder, chops, and more.

Quality Assurance: Sourced from Baxter Brothers at Nene Park near Peterborough, ensuring high standards of animal welfare and sustainable farming practices. Our lamb is grass-fed, providing superior taste and nutritional benefits.

Convenience: Stock your freezer with quality lamb cuts for various culinary occasions.

Versatility: Ideal for a wide range of dishes, from traditional roasts to exotic curries and stews.

Culinary Uses:

Classic Roasts: Impress guests with succulent roast lamb seasoned with herbs and garlic.

Flavourful Curries: Create aromatic lamb curries infused with spices and serve with fragrant rice.

Hearty Stews: Simmer tender lamb chunks with vegetables and herbs for comforting stews and casseroles.

Cooking Tips:

Seasonal Cooking: Incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients alongside lamb cuts for optimal flavour.

Marinating Magic: Enhance taste and tenderness by marinating lamb overnight with herbs, spices, and marinades.

Rest and Carve: Allow lamb cuts to rest before carving to redistribute juices for juicier meat.

Searing for Flavour: Sear lamb cuts in a hot skillet or grill before slow-roasting or braising for added depth of flavour.

Low and Slow: Cook lamb cuts low and slow for the most tender and succulent results, developing rich, complex flavours.

Why Choose Grasmere Farm’s Medium Lamb Meat Box?

Grasmere Farm provides high-quality lamb sourced from Baxter Brothers at Nene Park near Peterborough. Our Medium Lamb Meat Box ensures delicious meals for every occasion, supporting sustainable and ethical farming practices. With our grass-fed lamb, you can enjoy superior taste and nutritional benefits.

Allergens: None


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