Grasmere Dry-cured Bacon Bits

Made of both Smoked and Plain, award winning Dry-cured Bacon, our Bacon Bits are a great flavour enhancer to have ready in your fridge.

Price shown per approx 450g pack


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Grasmere Farm’s Hampshire-cross Pigs are at the heart of our business. We breed and raise the Pigs on the farm in south Lincolnshire, using traditional farming methods which creates flavoursome and tender Pork. Our specialist butchers prepare each cut specially on site, selecting only the best for our primes cuts. Our reputation for producing delicious Home-cured Bacon and Gammon is renowned both near and far.

Our Bacon bits are a great inexpensive way to add flavour to any meal but especially good in casseroles, quiches, soups and salads. We use both our Dry-cured Smoked and Plain bacon to give the richest depth of flavour. Such is the range of meals it you can use Bacon Bits in, means it’s not at all seasonal and great to have in the fridge, whatever the weather brings!

How to cook Dry-cured Bacon Bits

Cook from room temperature. Pat the Bacon Bits dry before adding them to a pre-heated pan with a splash of oil. Cook on a high heart and turn regularly, until crispy and cooked through. Add to what ever dish you wish.


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