Porchetta Cut

This boneless Loin with the boneless Belly attached will make for perfect Porchetta but also great as a stand alone joint. The lean and tender meat of the Loin is the perfect bedfellow for the succulent and slightly fattier Belly. Stuff with your own herbs and spices or try with our sausagemeats. Or try with our Porchetta recipe.



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Grasmere Farm’s Hampshire-cross Pigs are at the heart of our business. We breed and raise the Pigs on the farm in south Lincolnshire, using traditional farming methods which creates flavoursome and tender Pork. Our specialist butchers prepare each cut specially on site, selecting only the best for our primes cuts. Our reputation for producing delicious Pork is renowned both near and far.

This fantastic cut, combines two favourite; the Loin and the Belly, both boneless and ideal for stuffing with your favourite Sausagemeat as well as making your own Porchetta. Need a little inspiration? Try our Porchetta recipe.

How to cook Porchetta Cut

Cook from room temperature. Dry the skin thoroughly and rub salt into rind. Roast the Joint in a deep tray and cover with foil. Place in centre of oven and cook at 160°C, Gas Mark 3 for 2 hours 45 minutes (1.5kg), 3 hours, 45 minutes (2.5kg) and 5 hours, 45 minutes (3.5kg). For the perfect crackling uncover the Joint 10 minutes before the finish and turn up the heat of the oven. Alternatively look at our Porchetta recipe.

Allergens. None. 

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