Grasmere Pork Mince

A strong alternative to Beef, why not substitute for Pork in a dish? You won’t be disappointed. Our Pork Mince is made up of trimmed Shoulder and Leg meat with an approximate 20% fat content, giving it a great flavour.

Approx weight 500g.



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Grasmere Farm’s Hampshire-cross Pigs are at the heart of our business. We breed and raise the Pigs on the farm in south Lincolnshire, using traditional farming methods which creates flavoursome and tender Pork. Our specialist butchers prepare each cut specially on site, selecting only the best for our primes cuts. Our reputation for producing delicious Pork is renowned both near and far.

Nowhere near as popular as Beef Mince but just as versatile and even more packed with flavour. Makes amazing Meatballs and Burgers or even try as a substitute to Beef in a dish (try our Spicy Pork & Rice recipe for a quick and tasty dinner). Our Pork Mince is made up of Leg and Shoulder with a fat content of around 20%.

How to cook Pork Mince

Cook from room temperature. Remove from vacum pouch. Mince makes for a versatile ingredient but pan frying is the most popular Stir fry for 10 minutes in selected ingredients. Serve hot.

Allergens. NONE.