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Rutland Red

Discover the exquisite taste of Rutland Red, an exceptional Red Leicester cheese made using a traditional recipe. Buttered, cloth-bound, and matured for six months, this cheese boasts a flaky, open texture and a slightly sweet, caramelised flavour. Its rich golden orange colour and unique taste profile make it a standout choice for any cheese connoisseur. Rutland Red is proudly the only pasteurised Red Leicester produced in Leicestershire, and a firm favourite at Long Clawson Dairy.

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Key Features

Traditional Recipe: Made using a time-honoured recipe that ensures authentic flavour and quality.

Buttered and Cloth-Bound: This traditional method of maturation results in a unique texture and taste.

Six Months Maturation: Aged for six months to develop a flaky texture and rich, caramelised flavour.

Award-Winning: Winner of three golds at the Global Cheese Awards.

Unique Provenance: The only pasteurised Red Leicester produced in Leicestershire.

Cooking Tips

Cheese Boards: Enjoy Rutland Red on a cheese board with a selection of fruits, nuts, and crackers to complement its sweet, caramelised flavour.

Grating and Melting: Perfect for grating over dishes or melting into sauces, Rutland Red adds a rich, distinctive taste to any recipe.

Pairing: Pair with a robust red wine or a crisp apple cider to enhance its complex flavour profile.

Baking: Incorporate into quiches, tarts, or savoury pastries for an extra layer of flavour and richness.

Allergens: MILK. Suitable for vegetarians.

Rutland Red is more than just a cheese; it’s a testament to traditional cheese-making techniques and the rich heritage of Leicestershire. This exceptional cheese is crafted with care, buttered and cloth-bound to mature for six months, resulting in a flaky texture and a sweet, caramelised flavour. Its rich golden orange hue is as striking as its taste, making it a must-have for any cheese enthusiast. Rutland Red’s award-winning status is a reflection of its superior quality and unique character.

Why Choose Grasmere Farm?

Commitment to Quality

At Grasmere Farm, we are dedicated to offering only the finest products. Rutland Red cheese exemplifies this commitment, ensuring you enjoy premium quality with every bite.

Ethical Sourcing

We partner with reputable producers like Long Clawson Dairy, who share our values of sustainability and ethical farming practices, ensuring that every cheese is made with care and respect for the environment.

Expertise and Tradition

With years of experience in selecting and offering gourmet products, Grasmere Farm blends traditional values with modern tastes to provide cheeses that are rich in flavour and heritage. Our expertise ensures that every bite of Rutland Red is a testament to our passion for great cheese.

Award-Winning Selections

Our selection of award-winning cheeses, including Rutland Red, highlights our dedication to quality and excellence. We take pride in offering cheeses that have been recognised for their outstanding taste and craftsmanship.

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