Dorset Red

Dorset Red is a moreish smoked cheese with a deep amber colour. Cold smoked over oak chips overnight, it has a mellow and smoky flavour and a similar appearance to Red Leicester.

All pieces are hand cut and weight approx.


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  • Type of Milk: Cow’s.
  • Pasteurisation: Yes.
  • Vegetarian: Yes.
  • Country & Region: Dorset, Britain.
  • Flavour: Mellow, smoky.
  • Allergens: MILK.

Using traditional methods, this mellow, smoky and crumbly cheese has a velvety texture and memorable aftertaste. Smoked overnight, to give a light smoky flavour, this is a great way of introducing smoked cheese to cheese board. Try a vibrant red wine, that naturally compliments smoked cheese such as this one.

Dorset Red is created at Ford Farm, in Dorset, using the same methods they use in making traditional cheddar. Using milk sourced from local grazing herds and with the process conducted predominantly by hand, this truly is a traditional cheese. Annatto is natural colouring which is added to give it a similar appearance to Red Leicester.

Each piece is wrapped and then put in a bag. Keep refrigerated but best served at room temperature.

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