Brie De Meaux

The king of cheeses! Brie De Meaux is famous, across the world and is a very popular brie on a cheese board. With a smooth, creamy texture and fruity flavour with hints of nuts or truffles, Brie De Meaux is always best left to ripen before eating.

All pieces are hand cut and weight approx.


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  • Type of Milk: Cow’s.
  • Pasteurisation: No.
  • Vegetarian: No.
  • Country & Region: France.
  • Flavour: Fruity with a firm texture.
  • Allergens: MILK.

Brie de Meaux has a fruity and rich taste with a hint of the buttery and sweet flavours from mushrooms or truffles. A cheese that is best left to ripen, where it will get red or brown patches and will go softer- this is when it’s ready to eat. Pair with champagne or prosecco

Brie de Meaux is world famous, as many consider this to be the king of all brie’s. Indeed, in 1814 the European Tournament at Congress of Vienna awarded Brie de Meaux the “Le Roi des Fromages” (The King of Cheeses).

Each piece is wrapped and then put in a bag. Keep refrigerated but best served at room temperature.

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