Baron Bigod

A brie-style cheese from Suffolk, handmade at Fen Farm from raw grass-fed Montbeliarde cows milk. One of our most popular cheeses.

All pieces are hand cut and weight approx.


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  • Type of Milk: Cow’s.
  • Pasteurisation: No.
  • Vegetarian: No.
  • Country & Region: Suffolk, Britain.
  • Flavour: A complex, creamy brie with hint of mushroom.
  • Allergens: MILK.

This very popular English Brie-style cheese is famous across Britain, rivalling famous French Brie’s. Baron Bigod has warm milky flavours, notes of mushrooms, earth and farmyard with a nutty rind. Pairs well with a Pinot Noir and as well as a cheese board favourite, is great for cooking with.

The Crickmore family have been farming in Suffolk for three generations and it as at Fen Farm, in Suffolk, where Baron Bigod is hand made. They use the delicious raw milk from their herd of Montbeliarde cows, which graze the marshlands of the Waverney valley, to make one of England’s finest cheeses.

Each piece is wrapped and then put in a bag. Keep refrigerated but best served at room temperature.

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Whole (approx 1kg), 500G, 250G

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