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Topside of Beef Family Joint

This Family Joint serves up to four people and super easy to cook joint. Lean, tender and full of flavour, this is our most popular Beef roasting joint. We use a range of native breeds, including Lincoln Red, which are from specially selected farms. Usual price £12.95 per kg.



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We source most of our Beef from a Lincoln Red farmer from near Louth. Lincoln Red is one of the oldest rare breeds in the UK and has a flavour which is famed for being one of the best, if not the best, of all the breeds. The rest of our Beef is selected native breeds from either the West Country or Norfolk and are selected for their size, good covering of fat and grading. We hang all our hindquarter and fore-rib meat on the bone for at least three weeks, to add to the tenderness and flavour these British breeds already have. The result is a meat that will melt in your mouth with a kind of flavour you just don’t get from wet aged beef. Each cut is prepared by our specialist butchers, ensuring care and quality in every cut.

Despite a reputation as a middle of the road joint, Topside has a depth of flavour which makes it by far the most popular of our beef joints. We tie a slice of fat onto each joint because the Topside is a very lean joint. This aids with the cooking and adds to the flavour further. These small Joints make a great Family treat, serving up to four people.

How to cook Topside of Beef Family Joint

Cook from room temperature. Roast the Joint in a deep tray and cover with foil, basting the joint first. Cook in centre of oven at 180°C, Gas Mark 4. To calculate cooking times, for rare cook for 40 minutes plus 20 minutes. Medium, cook 50 minutes, plus 25 minutes and for well done cook 1 hour and an extra 30 minutes. Remember to baste throughout cooking.

Allergens. None. 

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