Braising Steak

Braising Steak is the ultimate comfort food. Slow cooked is best and adds a richness and depth of flavour to any dish.

Price shown per steak (Minimum weight 300g)





Our native breed beef is carefully hand selected at Market for us by our buyer who we work closely with. We look for size and for a good covering of fat for flavour. Our prime cuts are matured on the bone for at least three weeks; the result is a meat that will melt in your mouth with a kind of flavour you just don’t get from wet aged beef. Each cut is prepared by our specialist butchers, ensuring care and quality in every cut.

Taken from the harder working muscles and therefore tougher than most, Braising Steak is also tastier than most. The saying goes ‘God brought the Butcher, Devil brought the Chef’ so our advice is cook this piece of beef low and slow and you will be rewarded with delicious, tender meat, full of flavour.

How to cook Braising Steak

Cook from room temperature. There are so many dishes that can use Braising Steak and they usually involve slow cooking. But for the purists cook in a slow cooker on low for at least four hours. Or alternatively cook for three-four hours on 160°C, Gas Mark 2. Best cooked with juices/sauces. Allow to rest before serving.

Allergens. None. 

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