Snowdonia Beechwood Truckle

For those who love smoked foods, you will love this mature cheddar smoked naturally over sustainable beechwood. With a rich and creamy flavour, the smoky taste balances well with a slightly nutty texture.

Price shown per 200g truckle


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  • Type of Milk: Cow’s.
  • Pasteurisation: Yes.
  • Vegetarian: Yes.
  • Country & Region: North Wales, Britain.
  • Flavour: Sweet, smoky and slightly nutty with a mellow depth and warmth.
  • Allergens: MILK.

A popular smoked cheddar, which has won many award including a Great Taste Award. Naturally smoked, Beechwood has a mellow depth and warmth with sweet, smokey notes.

The green mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales are the inspiration of the wide range of this popular brand. Using fresh ingredients to create Cheddars and Red Leicester Cheeses, Snowdonia cheeses have a great depth of flavour and creaminess. Pairing with different ingredients and flavours, Snowdonia is one of the best know cheese makers in Britain and multi-award winning.

These Truckles are waxed and we wrap in our strong paper bags. Keep refrigerated but best served at room temperature.